Leaving The Cradle

Below is a vintage red number glossy featuring the crew of Apollo 8. Next to this glossy is another vintage glossy - this one featuring the mission logo and vintage signatures from the crew to a NASA staffer.

In 1968, the crew of Apollo 8 made history by being the first humans to leave earth's influence. Months later, the crew would reassemble to take in the launch of Apollo 11. Other historic figures were present including Charles Lindbergh. At the time, astronaut Charlie Duke took notice and seized the opportunity to gather the signatures of these four men on the back of his business card.

Duke also signed the front of his business card. Days later, he would make history himself exchanging first words with Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin just after their historic lunar landing.

This is the only picture I've ever seen showing both Lindbergh and the Apollo 8 crew in one place. Also part of the group is President Johnson and his wife Lady Bird. The Apollo 7 crew also was part of the gathering. I don't own this picture. It was just taken from the Internet.